Just before the lockdown Melissa and I had a short window, so decided to take the opportunity for a work/fun four day trip to Verbier.

My Packing list:
Ski Jacket, Trousers, Helmet, Googles, Boots, Gloves, Socks, Thermals, Neck Warmer.
Walking boots, woolly hat and gloves, sun glasses, sun cream.
Jeans, 2 shirts, t shirts, 2 jerseys, boots, scarf, jewellery, PJs, make up, face cream, underwear, socks.
Laptop, Camera, notebook, pens, passport, mobile and chargers.

1 March 2020

Dressed in jeans, walking boots, ski jacket with a backpack and a suitcase I was ready to go.

I lugged my case up the steps to the car, opened the gates, hopped in the car and drove off. At Birmingham Airport I realised I had left said case on the driveway! So I had what I was wearing plus my backpack containing my wallet, mobile, passport and laptop. I SOS’d Melissa who was about to leave to throw in a few extra things.

One neighbour sent me a message ‘Why is your suitcase in the drive?’ the other with much mirth sent a photograph of the sorry sight before kindly putting it back inside whilst picking up Tilly my trusty retriever.

I ran around the airport getting pants, woolly hat and gloves. Having bought some foundation the wonderful girl at the Clarins counter gave me some samples including face cream, cleansers and lip gloss. Some minis from Boots and a book from WH Smith and I was not feeling quite so bereft!

With an hour to kill before Melissa arrived at Geneva I went to the very affordable Migros at the far end of the Airport Station to get food for our trip and found a hairbrush and thermal vest. Once in Verbier Melissa lent me Tom’s (husband) ski gloves, googles, neck warmer and socks, a friend’s helmet and her old ski pants, fleece and her luminous green thermal leggings dating back from our chalet girl days. No1 Sports found me some boots, skis and poles. Sorted!

2 March 2020 – Very Snowy

We headed to Savolyeres. A super area both for beginners/intermediates and those learning to ski off piste (me) plus a yummy lunch at Chez Simon.

We hit the best snow of the season.

Coming back we visited some apartments, resolved various issues and collected a yummy Fish Pie from Mountain Thyme to pop in the oven for supper.

3 March 2020 – Blue Sky Powder Day

In knee deep, light as a feather, powder we played in Lac de Vaux then crossed over to La Chaux. Both are great for beginners/intermediates and powder newbies. I was delighted to create some zigzags.

Melissa twitching for greater challenges did Tortin, I bottled, being fairly unfit. In the bubble down I watched her and only a handful of others tackle this notorious piste. Up the Mont Fort Jumbo and down to Cabane de Mont Fort for a well-earned Tartiflette.

Back in Town we went to see the Agents and Hotels we work with before spending a lovely evening with our cousin Cat of Mountain Thyme.

4 March 2020 – Another Blue Sky Powder Day

I started in Lac de Vaux and then La Chaux stopping to get general photographs for our website. I then joined Melissa and Richard (a fabulous skier who knows all corners of the Four Valleys). They had been playing in the powder and I watched them come down Col Gentianes from the Super Jumbo. We headed for Les Chottes, the plan to get me into powder on slopes gentle enough to point downhill and not panic!

Such fun! My skiing was agricultural with a few ‘Oh Sh*t turns’ but I did manage to make some even tracks. For the first time got that fab gliding feeling whilst gently bouncing from side to side. I only made one deep hole in the snow and luckily my skis stayed on.

Our return included an uphill walk due to a broken button lift, a gentle ski with stunning valley views and a delicious late lunch of Goulash Soup at the bottom of Tortin. The perfect ski day.

We then enjoyed drinks in a stunning chalet with a great bunch of people followed by meeting up with some friends in the Pub Mont Fort. We had found them last minute rooms in Hotel Mirabeau because their workplace would not allow their planned trip to Alagna due to Coronavirus. This is causing us a lot of work with everyone wanting to know cancellation options or moving resorts.

5 March 2020 – Very Snowy

We left Thursday morning, it was snowing heavily, Melissa did a stirling job driving down to Le Chable on uncleared roads. Snow changed to sleet after Martigny with rain all the way to the airport. We discussed how lucky we were to have hit such fantastic weather and how empty the slopes were. Our theory everyone forgot there was a ski week beginning 29th February choosing the first week in March instead. With so much new snow and more coming Verbier is well set for a great rest of season with the lifts open into May.


Events caught up with us before I posted this. We are now all in lockdown and we sincerely hope all our clients and friends are keeping well and won’t be too badly affected by these unprecedented times.

We would love to hear from anyone with a fun ski blog, picture or story which we can share on our Facebook page.

Summer holidays are now in doubt. If you want something to look forward to we are here ready to help you plan your next ski trip. Ski flights are out and some early birds have already booked in for peak weeks or with large groups.

Keep well and we look forward to hearing from you. Please call us on 01502 471960 or email me camilla@mountainbeds.com.

Camilla and the Mountain Beds team.